For Tooth Extractions, Do We need a Dentist or an Orthodontist

For Tooth Extractions, Do We need a Dentist or an Orthodontist

When it comes to tooth extraction, patients sometimes ask if they should see a dentist or an oral surgeon. An tooth extraction is a serious operation, so it’s critical to find the right service for your needs, particularly if it’s an emergency.

When I believe I need an extraction, who should I contact?

If you’re having some problems with your teeth, the first thing you can do is call our Professional Orthodontic Consultant. Many dental practices have after-hours care for patients who need treatment after regular business hours. Your dentist will assess the condition to see whether the extraction is necessary, and if so, if it can be performed in the office. X-rays as well as an evaluation of the damaged tooth or teeth are usually included in this consultation.

Your Orthodontic Consultant Brampton can then determine if he or she can handle the extraction themselves or whether you will have to be recommended to an orthopedic surgeon. Many dentists will extract a tooth utilizing Novocain or local anesthesia back in the clinic, perhaps or at the same time as your appointment.

What are the factors for an oral surgeon’s referral?

There seem to be a few valid reasons why you would need to see an oral surgeon for a smooth extraction:

Teeth that are already broken or fractured are more likely to break during extraction, necessitating a more rigorous procedure similar to that required for an injured tooth.

Extraction Complications:

More than any dentist aims for excellence, certain extractions will go wrong. A dental surgeon may be required to complete the operation if the tooth has complicated roots or cracks mostly during the procedure. You will be referred to a specialist as soon as possible in this situation to reduce pain and the possibility of further complications.

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