How Medicaid Dental Benefits Help Us

How Medicaid Dental Benefits Help Us

Oral health is critical to an individual’s physical health. While states are mandated to give dental services to children insured by Medicare as well as the Children’s health Insurance (CHIP), states are free to opt out of providing dental care to adults and kids.

Dental Services for Medicaid Kids

Dental care is covered by Medicaid for all the users as part of an overall package of benefits known as the Preliminary and Regular Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatments (EPSDT) benefit. While oral screenings may be included in a medical assessment, this is not a substitution for a dentist-performed dental checkup. Each youngster must be referred to a dentist on a state-mandated timetable.

Dental care for children must include the following:

  • Pain & infection relief
  • Teeth repair
  • Dental hygiene maintenance

Best Dental Services for Kids

The reference dental kit must be comparable to

(1) the very popular federal worker dental program for kids.

(2) the state employee dentistry plan for dependent children, or

(3) dental insurance offered by the county’s Best Dental Services for Kids.

Best Dental Services for Adults

States have discretion over the dental coverage offered to adult Medicaid beneficiaries. While the majority of states go through at least immediate dental treatment to adults, fewer than half provide complete dental treatment. Adult dentistry coverage has no minimal criteria.

Final Thoughts

While oral testing may be included in a medical assessment, it does not replace a dental examination conducted by the Professional Dentist Brampton following a straight recommendation to a dentist. Each kid must get a formal dental referral in line with the state-mandated frequency schedule. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Programs does not specify which dental therapies must be offered; nevertheless, EPSDT mandates that all Medicaid-covered services be offered to EPSDT participants if medically required.

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