It Used to Be Crown or Filling, Our Technology Allows Us to Provide Much More Conservative Options Before a Crown

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Whether you have any or even more teeth missing, your dentist could suggest that you replace them with artificial ones. There are removable choices, such as dentures, that you should take over and clean, but they can slip around, move, or fall out, that most people won’t like.

As a result, crowns fastened to dental implants including bridges that look more like your natural teeth are available.

But, if you have to choose from crown implants & bridges, which would be the better option for you? We’ll compare and contrast the differences, similarities, benefits, and drawbacks of such two connecting artificial tooth choices so even if you have one or two false teeth, your smile will look as natural as possible.

What Are Crowns and How Do They Work?

A crown is placed on a damaged, poor, or decayed tooth to help preserve its size, capacity, shape, and attractiveness. If you’re lacking a tooth, a dentist will insert a dental implant on top from which your crown will be placed. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, 3 million People in the us. have dental work, with 500,000 more added per year.

What is the Role of Bridges?

Unlike crowns, which may be used to patch damaged teeth, bridges are used to cover one or even more teeth missing. Your dentist will put caps on able to file teeth and dental implants only at extreme parts of your missing teeth to create a bridge. Pontiacs are replacement teeth that span the gap between both the gap where tooth are absent.

When it comes to crowns and bridges, how long do they last?

Harm done by eating hard items, ice, or other sharp things may cause crowns and bridges become looser or drop out. Another possible explanation crowns or bridges loosen over time is orthodontic condition that causes primary teeth or bone loss.

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Understanding the Crown & Bridge Process
  • A dental team member will escort you back and take x-rays.
  • Your doctor will perform a comprehensive oral examination and develop a treatment plan for your individual needs.
  • Once your crown & bridge needs have been established, the dental team will discuss price ranges, materials and tooth colors with you.
  • After reviewing your options, you can select the crowns which are best for you.
  • You may be scheduled back for a crown preparation at a later date, depending on your needs.
  • You will be scheduled for a Dental Hygiene visit prior to treatment or on day of appointment.
  • A dental team member will escort you back to the operatory.
  • The dental team will be available to answer your questions.
  • Your doctor will numb you for your comfort.
  • Your custom tooth shading will be taken by the dental team.
  • Your doctor will prepare your teeth for crowns.
  • Impressions will be taken.
  • Your impressions will be taken to your doctor and the dental laboratory for approval.
  • The prepared teeth will be covered with a temporary material for your comfort.
  • After you visit the cashier for payment, you will then be released by Patient Administration.
  • You will return at your scheduled appointment time for delivery of your permanent crown(s).
  • A dental team member will escort you back to the operatory.
  • The doctor may numb you for your comfort.
  • The temporary covering on your prepared teeth will be removed, and your new custom crowns/bridge will be fitted.
  • After adjustments are made, your new crowns will be permanently cemented in your mouth.
  • Please don´t eat anything for about an hour. Please avoid hard or sticky foods for at least 24 hours.
  • Relax and enjoy your beautiful new smile!


Most frequent questions and answers

If you have been told by your dentist that you need a crown, we strongly recommend you seek a second opinion, unless you already have a crown on that tooth. 

At City South Dental, we have more conservative options for restoring teeth. There are more options than just a filling or a crown. We don’t have to grind your teeth down to nubs in order to give you the smile you deserve.

A crown was the only treatment option available to fix teeth that have been cracked, decayed or filled with mercury, until very recently. Conservative porcelain fillings, known as inlays and onlays, have eliminated the need for aggressive procedures of the past. Studies prove that the use of inlays and onlays not only fix cavities but also fortify the tooth and promote full restoration.

Some dentists have been practicing the same way for a long time. For decades they have used crowns as the main treatment option for their patients. It takes a lot of time and money to deliver industry-leading treatments. For these reasons some practices do not incorporate inlay and onlay procedures, but at City South Dental, minimally invasive treatments are the ONLY option for maximum patient comfort. We invest in technology and we strive to deliver the best dental care for our patients. We say yes to premium, quality care and NO to crowns.

Crowns and bridges are permanent replacements for lost or broken teeth. Whenever the structure of various teeth is damaged or shattered, a crown is employed. Whenever one or even more teeth are damaged, a bridge is inserted.

The budget also varies depending on the types of bridges chosen: Bridges, whether conventional or cantilever, generally cost between $2,000 & $5,000 with one pontic as
well as a crown with each abutment teeth. Maryland bridges generally cost between $1,500 & $2,500 for a single pontic with connected substructure, or extensions.

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