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Professional Teeth Filling Services in Brampton

Teeth Fillings, also known as dental fillings, are being used to patch damaged tooth surfaces. Small cracks, damaged enamel, and decay can all cause damage to the surface of teeth. Placing a fill in the teeth will take anywhere from 26 to 90 minutes.

What are the various styles of Teeth Fillings?

Silver, gold, mercury, or alloy dental fillings are made of gold, silver, mercury, or amalgam, porcelain or ceramic, plastic, composite resin materials, or glass monomer, a glass and acrylic combination.

Is it uncomfortable to have a filling?

This should not be difficult to prepare the tooth for a filling by scraping the decayed part with a dental drill. The preparation process can be unpleasant and painful for certain patients. A local anaesthetic will be administered by the dentist to make sure the patient is pain-free during the operation.

How long does it take to heal from fillings?

Before the anaesthesia wears off, patients do not feed for at least three hours. For a few days, they should avoid eating or drinking food which is too cold or hot. They should stay away from really hard foods. They must take all prescribed drugs exactly as directed. They should floss the teeth on a regular basis to maintain proper oral care.


What other options do you have for fillings?

Dental crowns, inlays or composite fillings, and tooth remineralisation are all alternatives to dental fillings.


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