Dental problem

Bad breath

Persistent bad breath is usually a thing of great concern for people who are self-aware and can give rise to anxiety as well as a reclusive behaviour.

Broken tooth

Broken teeth can be discomforting due to the sensitivity of the newly exposed dentin or in more adverse cases, leave the inner structure of the affected tooth exposed.


Tooth decay is a common affliction. A North America government research data estimates that nearly 90% of adults ages 20 to 64 years have had tooth decay in their teeth.

Stained teeth

Stained teeth or tooth discoloration occurs when accumulation of pigmented micro-particles from food, drink, tobacco, cigarettes, coffee, tea, wine and others build-up on the tooth outer layer.

Wisdom Teeth Pain

Often mistaken for a tooth cavity, impacted wisdom teeth can be very painful. They are caused by the emergence of one or two extra molars vying for limited space at the back of the jaw.


Malocclusion commonly known as bad bites or crooked teeth is a common dental problem where the upper and lower teeth do not align properly due to crowded teething.

Dental Anxiety

Dentophobia or dental anxiety is real, in fact it is estimated that 2.7 percent of men and 4.6 percent of women have this fear of dentists. This could be tied to past experience, or misconceptions or simply concern for your oral health.

Canker Sores

Canker Sores commonly known as mouth ulcers are small shallow lesions that develop on the soft tissue in your mouth. They are mostly caused by food sensitivity or a deficiency of essential vitamins, iron, folic acid.

Teeth Filling

Mouth bacterias when not properly regulated through consistent oral hygiene, secrete acid-like substances on the tooth which further demineralizes the tooth creating a cavity a hole on the surface of the tooth that expands with time.

Gum disease

You have probably heard the phrase; “Brush your teeth at least twice daily” that is because dentists around the world agree that poor brushing and flossing habits is the primary cause of gum disease.

Tooth pain

If you suffer from ongoing toothache it is best to seek professional dental help immediately. Tooth pain are usually symptoms of an early stage of an oral problem which can easily be reversed by a dentist.

Sensitive teeth

Tooth sensitivity can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable, with a range of possible causes. It is always best to visit your dentist and have them check your teeth with a professional set of eyes as soon as you develop sensitive feelings around your teeth or gums. 

Tooth Infection

A poorly done dental procedure such as filling, implants and others can cause the affected tooth to get infected and abscess which refers to the collected pus that develops at the root of the teeth causing the teeth pulp; a very sensitive area of the tooth that consist of blood vessels and nerves cells to fester and rot out.

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