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Affordable Invisalign Treatment Services in Brampton

Invisalign treatment in Brampton is one of the most pocket-friendly treatments for braces. If you have crooked teeth then aligners are the most helpful for you. These are removable, clear and are made up of rubber. They are used to straighten the structure of your teeth. Aligners are better than metal braces or wires. The doctor ensures that your aligners have the perfect fit on your teeth. For shaping your new smile Invisalign is one of the best treatments you can avail. It works as an easy alternative for metal braces or wires.

Invisalign is a system of clear plastic trays used as orthodontic devices; essentially Invisalign acts as clear braces. Invisalign trays fit precisely over your teeth and move your teeth gradually to an ideal arch-form, bite alignment, and beautiful smile. Invisalign typically moves your teeth more quickly than traditional braces, and it does so invisibly. Other people will not know you are wearing braces because Invisalign trays are almost invisible.

How is Invisalign Treatment Helpful?

Aligners are very helpful and hassle-free for kids and old aged people. After the Invisalign treatment in Brampton, retainers are used to hold your teeth in place. This treatment is very simple, one only has to wear a series of aligners to maintain the proper shape of the teeth. This is a very economic treatment to develop a better structure of your teeth.

Dental Braces Treatment in Brampton

Dental braces treatment is the use of braces to align the structure of the teeth. Braces are made up of metals or wires. They are instruments which help to keep the teeth in position and also helps in fixing gaps between teeth. After fitting the orthodontic braces for the first time a bit of pain will be felt for some days but eventually it will disappear. Wearing braces applies pressure on the teeth to get the desired structure of the teeth.

How Dental Braces work?

This process loosens the teeth and bone remodelling takes place. There are different types of braces such as gold plated steel wires, traditional metal wired braces and many more. Dental braces are used to keep the teeth healthy and also prevents the teeth from having misalignment or having crooked teeth. Braces help in widening the palate or jaws and also assists in shaping the teeth and jaws.

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Invisalign Treatment Process – The 6 Stages

If you’re interested in Invisalign, we first have to determine if it is right for you. Invisalign is a versatile treatment system, but it doesn’t work for all orthodontic issues. Beyond clinical considerations, we also have to consider a patient’s ability or willingness to keep the trays in almost 24 hours a day, and patients or their families of course will want to check on insurance coverage and consider cost comparisons. But we wish to emphasize that even if you don’t ultimately receive treatment from us, you should receive Invisalign treatment from an orthodontist and not a dentist. Many dentists are now Invisalign providers, but they lack the additional training and specialization that orthodontists have, and outcomes are often inferior.

Once you’ve decided to begin Invisalign treatment, we take x-rays, photographs and impressions of your teeth. These records are sent to the Invisalign company along with our instructions of how we want the teeth to move. Invisalign technicians input the information into a computer to generate a 3-D rendering of your teeth and a computer model how they will move to their desired positions. We can check their work on our own office computers. There is sometimes a little back and forth between our office and Invisalign regarding adjustments until they get the course of treatment exactly right. When we are satisfied, we ask Invisalign to make the trays.

It might take about a month for the aligners to arrive at our office.

Come to our office when the aligners are ready, and we will give them to you. They are all different and are meant to be worn in a specific order. Each aligner should be used for two weeks. As your treatment progresses, each new aligner will serve to bring your teeth into straighter and straighter positions. You can take out an aligner to eat or brush, but otherwise, you should basically always be wearing one during the treatment process. If you don’t, your teeth movements won’t progress according to plan, and as you put in new aligners, they won’t fit correctly.

When the last tray has been worn for two weeks, you might very well be done with your Invisalign, but more often than not, a few teeth might still need some adjustments. It’s not rare for this to happen. We’ll inspect your teeth and may get back in touch with Invisalign to order a few more “refinement” trays. Again, they might take up to a month to arrive. Invisalign expects many patients to need refinement trays and there’s no additional charge for them.

You will need to wear retainers after treatment is complete to give the bones of your jaw time to solidify around your new teeth placements. Invisalign makes a product called Vivera which are similar to their other trays, but they’re a little thicker and more durable. They’re not meant to be changed out bi-weekly as Invisalign trays are. You can also use a wired retainer. It is essential to wear your retainer during the months immediately after treatment, but ideally you should wear a retainer a little each week for the rest of your life. Your teeth are always shifting and moving, after all.

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